The Best Apps to Help You Find Cheap Flights

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Thanks to the modern age, we can find comfort even in the simplest things. Today, you can find an app that will help make nearly any problem easier. For example, all of us know how tiresome booking a flight can be. Not only do you have to find the right date and time, but you also have to plan everything. And, of course, the sooner you book a flight, the better the price will be.

We all know that finding the best possible flight isn’t always the best solution for your wallet. As you can probably expect, some apps can make your life easier if you love traveling. These apps will allow you to find the cheapest flights and focus your time on planning the sightseeing and everything else.


No, we don’t suggest that you use fruit or a bird to book a flight, but an excellent app with the same name instead. Kiwi will allow you to search the market for the best deals when it comes to plane tickets. Its algorithm will search through over seven hundred airlines to give you the best possible deal. However, that’s not all — the app can also help you find hotels and car rentals.

The company claims that they can save up to ninety percent on flight prices, and the best thing is that the app is free. It is available for both Android and Apple devices.


While the company started as a third-party website for booking, it quickly realized the potential of their app. What is unique about Priceline is that users can get exclusive deals. The company claims that they can help users save up to sixty percent on their tickets. Furthermore, the app will also give users a chance to book flights and rental cars. However, the main issue is that the user will not get the precise price time of departure or arrival. The only thing they’ll get is an approximation until they purchase tickets.


The main focus of Momondo is exploring. The user will get the chance to search for specific travel options or flights. Besides, the app offers an alternative to search for “anywhere” if the traveler has no particular destination in mind — Momondo will show random flight destinations and different prices. Thanks to the calendar, the users can also see if there is a better deal on a different day. Finally, if the user finds a better deal within twenty-four hours, the company will give the option to send a refund of the price difference.

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Travelzoo focuses on finding the best and cheapest flights that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Furthermore, the app is excellent for finding overseas flights, as well as securing discounts for business and first-class seats. After the user has reached the destination, the app will offer nearby restaurants, diners, hotels, and entertainment spots. The company claims that its app can save up to sixty-five percent on flight deals.

The company has been around for over two decades, and they claim that they never publish a deal that they wouldn’t book themselves. Naturally, the app is available for both iOS and Android.


While the app can find flights and travel dates, the unique feature it has is that it can search for various means of transportation. Those include ferries, trains, buses, rideshares, and others. The company also works closely with travel agencies, so it can provide the best possible service. One of the users said that they were able to travel across Europe without a travel guide, thanks to Rome2Rio.


For all the people looking to travel, Skyscanner can be quite helpful. The app is designed to compare prices of both international and domestic routes. Furthermore, it has other special features, such as being able to mark planes that emit less carbon dioxide. The app is free and available in the App Store and Google Play.


The main principle of Hipmunk is to find cheaper flights, but with the best possible quality. The company claims that it is not worth booking a cheap flight if the traveler is going to have a five-hour layover. One of the unique features that Hipmunk offers is sorting all of the results based on a meter called “agony.” The parameters that it checks are price, the number of stops, duration of the flight, and on-time performance.

The users can also check if the flight offers entertainment, Wi-Fi, and legroom.


While most of the apps we mentioned go through the prices and list the most affordable flights, Hopper does something different — it uses algorithms to predict the future. The idea behind Hopper is to calculate when the prices are going to be the lowest. When a price drop happens, the user will receive a notification, and they’ll be able to proceed with booking their flight.

The company claims that they can predict up to a year in advance and that their accuracy is around ninety-five percent. Furthermore, the users will save approximately fifty dollars on average, or up to forty percent.