Donald Trump vs. The Squad

Donald Trump is forever trying to flip the script. Ever the Wild Card, he’s continuing his verbal attacks directed towards the Democratic congresswomen even though his first volley got nothing but criticism worldwide.

Trump expressed himself on his Twitter account, claiming that these congresswomen ought to apologize to Israel and America. He further claimed that they lack the capacity to love the country they serve, as they weren’t in agreement with every decision he made as president. Arguably, the most controversial remark was when Trump suggested they went back to whichever country they came from.

The four congresswomen are all women of color who are part of “The Squad,” as they’ve grouped informally on a political basis. The women met prior to Freshmen Orientation for the 116th U.S. Congress. They had at least one thing in common, apart from political attitudes — they were all first in something.

Ocasio-Cortez, who is also referred to as AOC, became a member of Congress at the age of 29, making her the youngest woman ever to have done so. She was also among the first Social Democrat females to serve there; the second was Rashida Tlaib.

Tlaib also has another first to her belt, as she was the first-ever woman who subscribes to the Muslim religion to serve in Michigan. She is known for having criticized the government of Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians as well as the U.S. support they continue to receive.

Omar is also among the first Muslim women, along with Tlaib, to serve in Congress. She has also criticized Isreal as well as the travel ban Trump had imposed on people of the Muslim faith.

Pressley is the first-ever African-American woman in Congress hailing from Massachusetts.

Out of the four women, three were born in the U.S., while Omar was a Sudanese refugee but is now a naturalized American. That might explain why Omar received so many death threats. However, that didn’t scare her away from the limelight, as she even appeared in the “Girls Like You” video by Maroon 5.

All the women have been highly critical of the Trump administration. While they’ve commented on and criticized Trump’s actions, the president has criticized them directly, as people.

Trump’s comments have started a whirlwind of responses from the public. Elijah Cummings is a Maryland-based U.S. Representative, who has been serving since 1996. He has been continually voted for since then both for his current position and the one of the president of the NAACP in Maryland (the poll never dropping below 69%). Apart from serving in the mostly African-American County of Baltimore, he also writes for the Baltimore Afro-American newspaper. These are all testaments of his commitment to the African-American community, so it was no surprise that he classified Trump’s tweet as being racist without a doubt.

Cummings said that disagreeing with the president does not make one anti-American. He feels that the four women have pledged their allegiance to the country and the American people, not the man.

The House of Representatives led by the Democrats condemned Trump’s words as well, also labeling them as racist.

Cory Booker is a U.S. Senator hailing from New Jersey, and he has characterized the current president as being worse than racist. He claims Trump uses such racist rhetoric to appeal to parts of the public who still resonate with that for his own gain.

Like water off a duck’s back, Trump remained untouched by the slew of criticism. Instead, it just fueled him to keep going, especially concentrating his attack on the naturalized Omar. People had chanted “send her back” during a Trump rally in N.Carolina. When asked if he was disappointed with the crowd, he expressed how unhappy he was about congresswomen being “anti-Semitic” and unpatriotic. He also said that Omar was where she was because of luck.

Some Republicans hedged themselves, saying they did not support the crowd, and while it seemed like Trump might do the same, he didn’t. He characterized the crown in North Carolina as being exceptionally patriotic.

Omar retorted by saying that Trump supported fascist ideology. AOC asked the people to re-watch that rally and noted that the tape obviously shows that Trump was egging the crowd on most maliciously. She writes back to Trump on Twitter as well, refusing to back down.

It was noticed that Trump tried to peg the Democrats as closet socialists that weren’t aligned with the basic policies of the U.S. It is presumed that this colorful rhetoric was meant to help re-elect him in 2020. With just over a year until the next elections, it is unclear if Trump is aiding his case or shooting himself in the foot.

Trump’s advisers are trying to counter these claims, pointing out that Trump hadn’t subscribed to the chanting. One of them, S.Miller, said that the crowd was really just tired of being looked down upon by Congress, and thus, were just reacting to condescension.

The fallout of this latest Twitter war remains to be determined.