Cats Live-Action Musical: Cats Are Unimpressed

Universal released the trailer for the reboot of the new Cats movie, and the critics are pretty mad about the big screen adaption.

When it comes to the fans of the original musical, opinions are divided. Some were left puzzled by Tom Hooper’s creation, while some didn’t hesitate to express their emotions using social media.

The movie is to be released in December, and the crew included is quite fascinating — Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba, and James Corden.

In spite of the excellent casting, the way the adaption was executed left the audience in shock.

Hooper used the actors’ faces for the animation only and covered their bodies in computer-generated fur. Many viewers expressed their emotions of terror after watching the trailer for the musical on Thursday.

Scott Mendelson, Forbes film critic, stated that he was captivated by this drug-induced nightmare and that he was anxiously waiting for the release of the movie in December.

Moreover, among other renowned movie critics, Kristy Puchko stated that her brain literally melted while watching the trailer. She took it too far by saying that her eyes were bleeding and that there was no God.

Alanna Bennett stated that she was shocked that the execution was done in such a poor manner and that she couldn’t shake the feeling of imagining a world in which cats looked like this.

Laura Kramer, from New York Times, took it to Twitter and stated that she was not sure of the intention of the director and that she couldn’t make heads or tails of what was happening in the trailer. She said that even though she was confused as much as she could be, she was still excited. Lastly, she spoke to the fans of the original and stated that all we could do was hope that we would get used to it by the December release.