AOC Claims Trump Enjoyed Racist Chant at Rally

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, is a congresswoman who has been in the spotlight ever since President Trump called her and three other Representatives unpatriotic.

All four women have been outspoken again the Trump administration and certain foreign policies implemented by the U.S. During the original tweets on the subject, the president claimed that these women of color should go back to their respective countries of origin.

Pressley, AOC, and Tlaib were born in Massachusetts, New York, and Michigan respectively, while Omar was born in Somalia. She had also lived for years in Kenya before coming to the United States and becoming a naturalized American.

To add insult to injury, the “Twitter war” expanded to another arena.

Trump held a rally on June 17 in N.Carolina, and the crowd reverberated his words back to him — they chanted to send her (Omar) back.

Trump was faced with backlash, as expected, but he didn’t double back. On Friday, June 19, the president repeated that “The Squad” members should leave the country if they were unhappy with how it was being run. However, he stated that he had tried to placate the crowd.

The following day, Saturday, June 20, AOC spoke in Queens to her constituency. It was a small meeting in the town hall, in front of around 200 people.

She stated that Trump had been thoroughly delighting in the spectacle, asking they rewatch the tape of that event. She insisted that it proved that Trump had not adversely reacted to the chanting.

The video of the event shows that the president paused his speech for around 10 seconds, allowing the crowd to intone the same message.

AOC immediately rejected Trump’s claim that he had tried to get the crowd to quiet down, saying the tapes were proof he’d egged everyone on. She further asserted that he did so intentionally, for his own political ends.

Many Democrats, some outspoken congressmen, and senators have deemed Trump’s original and subsequent comments racist. Some Republicans stated they did not condone the crowds chanting, but most of them, like the president, shrugged it off.

AOC found Trump’s comments to be hurtful on a personal level and said they’d heard men make such comments to them before.

She has retorted that they are all staying right where they are.

It seems Trump will just have to deal with that.