Living in a Smart Home With the Newest IoT Platforms at Work

From the long history of automation, we’ve learned that all elements must be well connected in order to function properly and efficiently, with human intervention kept at the lowest possible degree. Today, the elements are complex, and they are regulated and harmonized through smart technology application, practically widening the domain of artificial intelligence.

There are two types of such operating products:

  • Products with the quality to allow easy access and connection,
  • Platforms that enable that connectivity — a general interface or a meta interface.

Home-Based Experience

The following presents a more-than-a-possible scenario, picturing a day of an avid owner or a tenant of a smart home.

Coming to a friendly visit, standing on the front porch, you are welcomed by the SkyBell, even before you press the doorbell button. Developed in partnership with reputable security firms, the video bell is connected with the owner’s phone via an application, optimized for various mobile users. Verbal communication is also available through this device, regardless of whether the owner is present at home or absent from it at the given moment.

Upon entering the home, the owner engages smart light switches by Deako, swiping over the display of the switch, on their phone, or just voicing the chosen command.

Somewhere between the light bulbs illuminating the house, there may be room for a TP-link dimmable smart bulb, changing the hue, helping to adjust their color, brightness, and energy consumption.

Alternately, if you’re in the mood for cooking or baking or are in need of reheating a meal, the owner may activate June — a multi-purpose oven. Then, they can rest on a piece of furniture, regulating the chosen oven functions by using an application on their smartphone.

Moreover, there may be time for a little chit-chat with the youngest members of your household, and if that happens, you can use a toy or two out of the Talkies kit. The kit is particularly valuable for children to spend some quality time away from any screens.

Then, there may come a moment to spend some quality time with friends and family by watching favorite television programs, managed by Ray, a cutting-edge touchscreen universal remote control. Furthermore, you can all enjoy playlisted music by using Sonos speakers. And coming through Wi-Fi, the stream is not interrupted even if you receive a phone call while using the Sonos app.

In doing your chores around the house, it might be helpful to bring Invoxia Triby with you — a small speaker compatible with Amazon Alexa.

You could command the gadgets around the house by only using gestures, with Singlecue by your side. Unfortunately, their services are, for the time being, available only to customers that have already received and implemented their innovative product.

To have a good night’s sleep, you can give over to Eight. A sensor-equipped bedding layer would gather extensive data to come up with the best offer for your quality sleep. It can provide you with dual-zone temperature control, keeping two parts of the bed at autonomous thermal preferences.

To stay informed on the air that you breathe in your home, especially about the fine particles that can put your health at risk, consult the Awair Glow smart air monitor.

If there is any unused space in your home, you can always embellish forgotten corners with smart gardens coming from Click and Grow. You are also provided with plant pods. The plant capsules are required to be plugged in and are self-monitored, allowing you to grow flowers, herbs, and salad, even in the same capsule.

For total enjoyment of the smart home experience, a basic requirement must be met at the highest level. There, you can put your trust in Cujo. The protective firewall’s design is based on top security protocols protecting business and large companies. Your IoT home environment remains safe and protected from intruders, as well as that it enables you to monitor the online activities of your children, keeping them away from potential threats.

What is more, there are some smaller devices that come in handy in solving unlikely problems resulting from using other pieces of equipment.

For example, the smart smoke alarm battery developed by Roost Home Telematics won’t annoyingly beep when its battery is ready to be replaced.

And if need be, there are a few IoT devices that can help with monitoring a compromised health situation. The smart thermometer Kinsa catches up with reminders for taking medicine on time or upcoming doctor’s appointments. MyMDBand is a personalized bracelet holding all information essential for the well-being of the bearer. It can report on the condition in local languages, depending on the emergency occurrence.

Finally, while on the road, your safety is guaranteed with Samsara. This monitoring platform works for private vehicles as well as for fleets, following the tracks, monitoring energy supply and consumption, and putting various other assets to use.


On the side of platforms dedicated to the interconnectedness of the Internet of Things devices in broader contexts, substantial progress has been made in the last several years. Some of the most interesting innovative companies to watch will be portrayed here in the summary.

Middleware is a crucial component in any fully operable diversified data system. The company Losant is striving to connect the enterprising stride forward with the requirements of scalability and synchronization between various IoT platforms. It is cloud-based, as are the following three companies.

Jasper offers assistance to thousands of companies worldwide in their optimal use of resources through their elaborate control center.

Arrayent offers business models for innovative products to incorporate features that will candidate them as well-connected in the IoT environment.

Particle offers an integrated solution from hardware and software to control service for any proposed IoT product. They proudly present a smart valve which “knew” where to direct water even before the Hurricane Irma hit Florida in 2017.

Lantronix is a strategically developed company that provides advice and intermediation between companies from a wide range of operations, (industrial management, energy management, health care, transportation, etc.) and the Internet of Things devices.

Hologram is a platform devoted to spreading cellular connectivity throughout different ranges of operations, enabling services that facilitate SIM use in almost 200 countries, switching to the best-working network at the required location at the given moment.

Flex is a company devoted to following through different projects from sketch-to-scale, especially in the domain of mechanical engineering and cross-industrial engineering. Their goal is to provide every product with up-to-date technological compatibilities, which would enable it to reach the best position possible on the market.

Buddy is offering systematic synchronization of various parameters operable in a given building, keeping the concept of scalable smart cities as their guiding vision. They help prevent energy waste and provide risk assessment.


As you can see, the IoT is a field that offers something for everyone. And at the moment, you don’t even have to be particularly tech-savvy to enjoy all of the benefits that come from creating a smart home.